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 /  introduction      simon johnston design is a graphic design practice working on a wide
 /  book design      range of projects from books and catalogues to identities, websites and
 /  printed matter      exhibition graphics. books and catalogues for cultural institutions form the
 /  exhibition graphics      core of the current work, involving close collaborations with artists,
 /  identity design      curators, editors, printers and publishers. the majority of the studio’s
 /  client list      work is design for print, with typography being a particular area of focus,
 /  archive      from text work to typographic identities.
 /  biography      simon johnston has over twenty-five years experience in design for
 /  teaching      publishing projects, both commissioned and self-instigated, in europe and
 /  events      the united states. the practice is selective about which projects it takes
 /  writing      on, with considerable attention devoted to every aspect of each project from
 /  contact      conception through to final production on press. in addition to design,
      specialist editorial and print production services are available.
      from 1989 to 2005 the studio operated under the name of praxis.
      simon johnston divides his time between design practice, teaching, and
      making art. photography and art projects can be found at simonjohnston.com.
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